Mythbuster: I have A gpa that is high and score so we’m undoubtedly getting into USC

The Myth: all of those other application does not matter if i’ve a high gpa and test score.

The Verdict: Nope.

‘It’s exactly about the numbers’ generally seems to be something I unfortunately hear quite a bit when folks mention college admission. I am made by it sad because that is completely false when speaking about the admission procedure at USC. pupils, counselors and parents tend to get extremely anxious about GPAs and test scores.

GPAs and test ratings are essential, but they aren’t the just factor that is deciding a pupil’s admission choice. Students applying to USC will never be automatically admitted nor denied based solely on GPA and test scores.

We are to know a learning pupil the best we perhaps can through the admission process. GPAs and test scores help us determine how well you are carrying out academically, but we also want to access know you beyond that. We want to learn about the way you spend your own time outside regarding the class. We are interested in learning your personality royal vegas online casino download and the life experiences you may possibly have had up to this point. We desire to learn why you are considering going to university at USC. We should learn from your teachers or counselors their perspective on who you are as student and human being. We can’t get all that information from just a GPA and a test score.

This is the reason we do not have a cutoff for GPAs and test scores. We wis Read more…